Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Encouraged by God's people

Encouraged by God's people

While reading "Hispanic Ministry in North America" by Alex Montoya, I began to think about the various people who have come alongside the Hispanic/Latino ministry here in Parachute, Co.

Our sending Church Richfield Bible Church who has been with us through the years.

Our partnering/mother church Grace Bible Church helped us get going and continues to reach out to this community.

Our Insight Committee which has 3 elders from 3 churches reaches out to this community through their godly advice.

Teams from Cornerstone Bible Institute full of godly Bible school students reach out to this community.

Teams from Rivervalley Bible Church, Ruo Grande Bible Seminary reaches out to this community.

Extended family who is often involved in ministry here reaches out to this community.
Various speakers through our shoet years as a local Church reach out to this community.

Thank you to the many others VBS help, prayer & financial supporters and many more, past teaches in missions, croas cultural, pastoral, teaching and so much more.

Thank you for your heart for the Hispanics (Spanish descendants)/Latinos(Central & South America) and for the ministry here and our family. Thank you, Thank you

In Christ,
Jonathan & Bethany Koehn
Jonathan & Bethany Koehn PO Box 281 127 Hill Court Parachute, CO 81635 USA
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