Monday, August 22, 2011

To Declare Christ -- August -- New Beginnings

Greetings in Jesus Christ,
    Please see the attached .pdf file for the newsletter with pictures or you can read it below without pictures.
In Christ,
    Jonathan & Bethany Koehn

To Declare Christ

~ August 2011 ~

God's Gift – A Little Life

The Koehns are growing!! We are excited to announce that we are expecting an addition to our family! We are expecting a young one at the end of October. We're looking forward so very much to this new little one and give praise to God for him/her!

Thanks be to God for our first year of marriage which we celebrated on June 5th. We are so thankful for the blessing our marriage has been to us and look forward to many more years together!

God's Gift – Time with Family

Fun times with the Estells

In Montana: We got to spend time up in Montana with our family getting to know them a little more. We enjoyed days with Mom and getting to go uptown with her and chatting with her this summer. Also, we enjoyed the time God gave us with the Estell siblings and getting to know them and make memories with them.

Some of you may have heard about the fire this summer in Montana that injured Jonathan and took Mom's house. Please pray or continue praying for Jonathan's healing (he's doing really well and healing wonderfully) and that Mom and our siblings would continue to recover emotionally, etc (God has provided a new house for them and been so good to them in all this). Thank you for your prayers.

Enjoying dinner with the Koehns

We also praise God that we got to share how He has been directing us with our home church in Buffalo, Mt and also with our supporting church in Denton, Mt. We are so thankful for these Brothers and Sisters and their faithful prayers and love for us!

In Utah: We have enjoyed the time God has given us to spend with the Koehn side of the family here in Utah. Getting to spend time talking with Dad and Mom has been wonderful for us. We are so glad to see the Koehn siblings again and have loved being able to spend time with them this summer. We look forward to spending a bit more time with them this summer before we head to where God is directing us.

We are thankful to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to share with our home church here in Richfield, Ut as well this summer. Again, we praise God for the Brothers and Sisters He has given us in this local body of believers and are so thankful for their faithful prayers and love for us.

God's Gift - Direction

Where: God has been leading us onward to Utah. We are praying about serving the Lord in a small church in Utah and have been looking into that possibility. We will be able to share more information with you about this later on as God continues to direct us.

Religion: The local religion in the area we are looking into is the same as the religion in the majority of Utah which is Mormonism which was founded on the writings of Joseph Smith from the 1800s. Our desire is to share the truths of the Gospel and God's Word in love with the people of Utah.

Church: We are praying about working with a small church in a small town in Utah. This church is the only evangelical church in the town of some 1,400 people. There are three other nearby towns as well without any evangelical churches. We are praying about being Pastor and wife in this local church and look forward to God's direction. Please pray for us and these local believers to clearly see God's direction in this matter.

Fun water games at VBS

Hispanics: We are also greatly encouraged by the local hispanic population. We've enjoyed already getting to visit in Spanish with some of the local Hispanics. We look forward to God's direction for us in the area of Hispanic ministry! Who knows, perhaps down the road we would be able to hold a Bible study in Spanish with them!!

Vacation Bible School: We enjoyed leading the Vacation Bible School at Richfield Bible Church for a week this summer. We also enjoyed leading another week of Vacation Bible School in the small town we've seen God directing us towards. The lessons we shared with the kids were centered around the Lamb, Jesus Christ. And we enjoyed so much sharing Christ, getting to know the kids, having fun, being challenged, and working with different people to make these VBSs happen!

Jonathan sharing the Gospel at VBS

Praise & Prayer:

-Praise to God for His protection during the fire

-Praise that Jonathan's legs are healing quickly

-Praise for God's provision for the Estell's

-Praise to God for the time He has given us with family this summer.

-Praise to God for the opportunities He is giving us to serve Him

-Praise to God for His direction and His continued leading

-Prayer for God's continued direction (after August 28th we should know more)

-Prayer for a house to rent wherever God directs us

-Prayer for a car to purchase soon

-Prayer for our baby who is due the end of October

We thank each of you for your prayers, love, and support for us as we serves the Lord wherever He takes us!

Seeking to always declare Christ,

Jonathan & Bethany Koehn

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